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grow through adversity.
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Posted by ThePal - 11 days ago



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Sorry to hear that. Your music is great though. Hopefully things get better.

gotta pick yourself up and keep on going. grow through adversity. thank you for listening. ♥

join my bike gang.

nix's bike gang is just people wearing helmets with barbie imprinted on it

nek minute xD

I'm sorry you got your scooter stolen. I hope you can get it back.

thanks man, I don't believe in it, but the cops could potentially find it somewhere

Nooo... fingers crossed you get to keep the job at least... or get the scooter back somehow... or both. Had a brand new bike stolen a few years back so I know how that feels. Was keeping an eye out for it everywhere I went, playing unrealistically vengeful scenarios in my mind if I ever ran into the culprit. :) Never did turn up, alas, but who knows, maybe some day it will and that imaginary confrontation shall happen!!!

But indeed you do do those pretty good.

I wouldn't had been so sad about it if it wasn't for the fact that it costed me ~2500€. I had it chained in a locked bike storage, apparently I should've had it latched to something too.
who would've known people are that determined to steal something and potentially ruining someone's current life situation, amr

Sounds rough.
Not the music, but the situation.

I'm currently looking for a new cheap scooter so that I can get to work again next week without problems. thanks for the sentiment. ♥

Damnnn. Bit more than the bike there. Did you have it insured though? Home insurance maybe covers a part of it? If not then ouch. :/

They do steal anything worth stealing it seems... I had a bike lock worth around 100€ that insurance didn't cover at all. Bought a second hand bike worth less than a proper lock after that, doesn't feel worth a safeguarding cost and/or paranoia.

Hope you find a good one cheap now!